Proposed Constitutional Amendment discussion


I sent the document with track changes in an email earlier today, Oct. 12. Please comment on this post if you wish. [update 10.13.14: I just linked the document to this post. See above link.]

The discussion will continue until Nov. 11. On that date I will send the final proposed amendments. You may vote any time on the proposed amendments after that date until Dec. 11, giving us a month as required by the constitution.

Here is a brief summary of the proposed amendments:
A new position of Treasurer is proposed. This is in anticipation of more significant fundraising to enable Amintaphil to create an endowment for potential new prizes and travel awards for early career scholars.
It is proposed that there be only one candidate for Vice President nominated by the Nomination Committee. This is to avoid having a losing candidate, in recognition that this is an honorific post that is to be spread around the membership. However, the possibility of the membership proposing additional candidates is preserved.
It is proposed that the elections take place at the Business meeting, allowing for advance email voting by having the slate of candidates proposed at least one week in advance of the meeting. This is proposed in order to engage a larger number of voters and in recognition of the centrality of the meeting itself to the membership.
It is proposed that the fiscal year be changed to January, and the membership dues message be sent out in October to be valid for January, for all those whose memberships will expire by then.
The membership of the Nominating Committee has been specified to consist of the three members who would normally not be considered for office, namely the Vice President, President, and Past President.

4 thoughts on “Proposed Constitutional Amendment discussion

  1. Gordon Babst says:

    I think the proposed Constitutional Amendments are thoughtful and conducive to the efficient, orderly conduct of AMINTAPHIL business, especially given that most activity occurs at the time of the biannual conference. Adopting these amendments will help AMINTAPHIL officers facilitate our organization’s success, and the treasurer position is essential as we try to ramp up our fundraising/investing in support not only of everyone, but also to help individuals afford to come to our biannual conference or for other worthy purposes to help our members and recruit new ones.

  2. Rodney C. Roberts says:

    A few questions/suggestions re: the revised constitution:

    Art. III.4

    Change “time and locations” to “times and locations”(?)

    Art. IV.1 & 3

    I find “s/he” awkward. I suggest following Virginia L. Warren, “Guidelines For Non-Sexist Use of Language,” Proceeding and Addresses of the American Philosophical Association 59:3 (February 1986): 471-482. E.g., in sect. 1 line 3, change “In addition, s/he shall carry out such other duties…” to “In addition, the Executive Director shall carry out such other duties….”

    Art. IV.2

    Delete the parenthetical in line 5, it seems unnecessary—no one is “the President” except during their term in that office.

    Art. V.1

    Like the parenthetical in Art. IV.2, (sup.) the phrase “while holding office” following President, Vice President, Executive Director, and Treasurer, seems unnecessary.

    Art. VII.2

    In addition to “the full dues for the current year,” are members also required to pay all unpaid past dues in order to regain good standing? If so, this is not made clear.

    Art. VIII

    Delete ‘of’ in line 3.

    Art. X

    Should this article have a title like all of the others? Perhaps “Adoption”(?)

    Should ‘(e)mail’ be used in line 2 as it is in Art. IX.3 line 1?

  3. Sally Scholz says:

    I agree with Gordon’s comment. The changes make good sense and also have a refreshing “forward thinking” tone that ensures the future of the organization.

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