Dates, location, and theme of 2016 AMINTAPHIL Conference

The 2016 AMINTAPHIL Conference will take place Oct. 13-15 at Wake Forest University, where Win-Chiat Lee will be our host. The theme of the conference is Privacy.

The Program Committee consists of Mark Navin, as chair, John Francis, Wade Robison, and Jessica Flanigan. They are just beginning their work refining the topic into sub themes, which will be reported in due time.

6 thoughts on “Dates, location, and theme of 2016 AMINTAPHIL Conference

  1. John Rooney says:

    I was unable to attend the IVR conference for which I had registered and paid. I asked for my copy of the conference papers but nobody has sent them to me. Is this just? ; )

  2. Laurence Houlgate says:

    I have expressed a concern to Ann Cudd about whether and how AMINTAPHIL should respond to North Carolina’s new law prohibiting transgender people the use of public restrooms consistent with the gender with which they identify (they can only use the restrooms that match the gender shown on their birth certificate). Several businesses, corporations and other organizations have cancelled meetings, refused employee travel to North Carolina, or pulled their business entirely out of the state.
    Am I the only member who has this concern about the law? I know that I would vote for an alternative place to have our conference if North Carolina were to suddenly announce that the state was returning to the Jim Crow days when “colored” people could not use “white” public restrooms. Or is this not a good analogy?
    Let me know what you think about the North Carolina law and (especially) how AMINTAPHIL should respond (if at all).

    • Laurence Houlgate says:

      The governor of North Carolina claims that people who go into public restrooms have a right to privacy and that this right is violated when persons who are born biologically male (but now self-identify as female) use a restroom designated for females. The same thing was often said during Jim Crow days in N.C. about the threat to white privacy posed by people of color who wanted to use a restroom designated “whites only.”

  3. Laurence Houlgate says:

    FYI: HB 2 is a state law that drastically curtails the civil liberties of lesbian, gay, bisexual, and transgender people. It bars transgender people from using bathrooms based on how they identify and makes it illegal for cities and counties to expand protections for LGBT citizens. It also denies all North Carolina workers the option to sue their employers for discrimination based on race, gender or religion, in state courts, and bans local minimum-wage laws.

  4. Wade Robison says:

    I am also more than a little unhappy to be meeting in North Carolina given its recent enaction of a law I take to be not only unfair, but unenforceable without incredibly intrusive behavior on the part of the authorities — a ripe subject, by the way, for a conference on privacy. But I don’t think the solution is to move the venue. I think the solution is for the society to draft a statement to be sent to the Governor and the leaders of the Senate and House in North Carolina expressing dismay at the law, explaining what is wrong with it, and asking that the Governor and the Senate and House leaders work to remove it from their books. Wade

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